How to create youtube channel

Create YouTube Channel

Create YouTube Channel

To create a YouTube channel, you have to arrange the channel using a Google account , add channel art, channel description and a channel name. After finishing to create YouTube channel you should create noticeable video content and maintain it seriously. Also you need to promote your channel to increase popularity and increase subscriber. YouTube is a popular social site where you can get noticed on the internet. On the other hand you can use it for living by earning money from your YouTube channel. You can create YouTube channel through desktop and YouTube mobile app using simple steps.

Steps to Create YouTube Channel

  1. Firstly, you should choose good name for your channel. ( You should choose those name which is not use to many by people but should be easily remember. Also you will have a bad impression, if it’s unsuitable. You should choose your channel name wisely because once you create your channel it take a while or up to three months to change your name. )
  2. Go to youtube and sign in with your Google account. ( Once you are sign in, your name or username will display at the top of the left menu and click this to access your user page. )
  3. Now, click on “ My Channel “ .
  4. Upload a profile picture. ( You should upload a profile picture which has link with your channel name. Make sure it’s not confused with others that looks related. )
  5. Now add channel art. ( Channel art is an image shown at the top of your channel page. Channel art file should be 2560 x 1440 pixels according to youtube.)
  6. After that you should add a brief description about your channel so that the viewer can know what type of content to expect.
  7. And name your channel according to your description and video content .

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